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Events for San Diego County

For events listing visit the web at 

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Steps to register for free: 

1. Log on

2. Click on Join us

3. Create username and password

4. Verification be emailed to you, click to verify

5. Create business introduction 

6. Upload your photo 

7. Then click on Submit 

8. To make sure you are registered to WSPN meet up open a new browser of the link from step # 1

9. Log in to confirm if you are registered completely 

10. Once you are logged in, you will see the detailed  of the events posted online. 

11. If you need help on how to create your WSPN meet up account please contact the chapter president to walk you through step by step. 

12. Always send your Yes RSVP if you are planning on attending to any events posted on WSPN meet up 

Events for Riverside County

Events for Orange County


WSPN 2018 Annual Golf Tournament - TBD


Please come back later for more updates...
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